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Recruiting Team

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PostSubject: READ FIRST   Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:10 pm


If you want to join read the rules:

■Members will be required to send resources to the founder to level up the Embassy.

■Members have to check the forum. Isn't obligatory but some news will be there so check it.

■ Stay active at least one day in :
☺️ Blue: online
☺️ Green: active in last 24h
† Yellow: inactive > 24h
† Red: inactive > 3d
† Gray inactive
Gray is bad, so log-in or you will be kicked, or i'll send you a warning.
NOTE: When you are red i will send you a warning.

■ If someone in the alliance need help you need to help him.

■ If we are in a war, will be obligatory to check forums, here I will create a new forum. So check it in wars.

■ If you will be inactive for a time or long time use the special forum and use the correct format. (It is in the forum)

■ You won't leave the alliance, if you will you have to ask leader. If you do it without leader's permission, you will be farmed.

■ If you get accepted you need to register on forum
If you agree with it, post in the other topic in this forum.

■ Members have to send 300 of each resource to weakest member, every week.
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PostSubject: Re: READ FIRST   Sat Mar 21, 2009 3:27 pm

Now you have to go to Want to join? Application is here thread, and copy and paste and make a new topic with your application.

If you don't copy and paste that application or use the old one, it will be *PENDING* until you post in the same topic and put the new one. You can see the Test Application so you can know more or less how to do your application.
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