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PostSubject: Player: Electricity   Player: Electricity EmptySat Mar 28, 2009 8:02 am

Tell me where are you: SW, -200 area
Inhabitants? 240 and growing
Why do you want to be in the alliance? a) being in an alliance is a smart thing if you want to survive in this game, b) there are a couple of your members near me that 1. do NOT attack me and 2. I have not attaked (recently Very Happy )
Tell me one rule of the alliance, don't copy and paste : BE ACTIVE !!
What is your strategy? I am an experienced player (over 2 years) this is a between server for me (joined it Late) so my strategy is to have fun - oh and to play a strong defense game since I am not in a position to go offensive yet
How many hours you play Travian? on a lousy day - about 2 hours ... on a good day - I have spent 12 or more hours playing (I have accounts on 2 other servers as well)
Will you help other players in the alliance when they need it? That is what an alliance is for isn't it??
Why? Because if you don't help them now they can't help you later
Will you check forums? I hate forums... I am a web designer and programmer, I spend 10-16 hours a day online most days and from experience, most game forums are nothing more than gripe sessions or bragging grounds... but yes I will check the forums, but I rarely post in them
Tell me the rule about forums (there are two) 1. check them in WAR time (personal experience.. if we are at WAR, we ought to be on amedia a LOT more interactive than a forum --Skype --YIM --MSMessenger something like that) 2. dont remember the second one
Can you be inactive? Inactivity is not an option if you want to continue playing this game and it does not matter if you are in an alliance or not.. inactive = dead
If you will be inactive what are you supposed to do? delete your account so it cant be farmed by your enemies
Agree with rules? yes
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PostSubject: Re: Player: Electricity   Player: Electricity EmptySat Mar 28, 2009 12:08 pm

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Player: Electricity
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